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We create all kinds of technical and / or scientific documents: Judicial/Party Expert Reports, Extra Judicial Expert Opinions and Extra Judicial Pre-reports, and their ratification at trial in the event that it were necessary.

We offer different types of expertise in traffic Accidents, such as: party expert witness reports, vehicle experts, accident reconstruction, assessment of damages, and analysis of deformations.

Breakdowns, odometer fraud, causes of accidents, etc. For the expert it is necessary to analyse and study the case carefully, starting with the documentation provided by the client, and to perform the corresponding visual inspection of the vehicle.

Accident Reconstruction. For the specialized expert, it is necessary to analyse and carefully study the case, starting with the information from the witness, but also from their own methodology:

  • Analysis of the witness testimony and/or technical report
  • Witness statements analysis
  • Visual inspection of the location
  • Inspection of the different vehicles involved
  • Identification of victims
  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Tachograph discs analysis
  • Measurements and calculations

Disagreements with the insurance company: Normally the experts are professionals who are responsible for assessing the repair. If you do not agree with the expert from the insurance company, you can hire your own expert who has the same validity as the one from the insurance company. The majority of experts use a software tool called “Audatex” which is a reference and standard in the market of services and solutions for the valuation of damages. In 80% of the valuations of claims currently carried out in Spain, Audatex solutions are used.

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