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We create all kinds of technical and / or scientific documents: Party/Judicial Expert Reports, Extrajudicial Expert Opinions and Extrajudicial Pre-reports, and their ratification at trial in the event that it were necessary.

We have expert engineers and professionals with recognised experience in industrial sectors of all kinds.

We specialise in the preparation of technical expert reports since we have experts in the following fields: expert reports in architecture, expert reports in engineering, geology expert reports and business expert reports.

We prepare:

  • Party expert report
  • Production processes
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Product composition
  • Opinions by all specialities
  • Accidents in general and valuation of damages
  • Pathology and calculations of facilities and structures
  • Electrical and electronics: Liability for drops/spikes in tension
  • Floods, Fire in industrial facilities.

We recommend that you fill out the contact form, an expert consultant will call you personally to provide the information you need and answer your questions without any compromise:

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