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Thanks to Industrial Property, some exclusive rights are obtained regarding determined immaterial creations that are protected as true property rights.

Services that GP-GRUP can offer you:

  • Intellectual and industrial appraisals.
  • Textile appraisals.
  • Textile brand appraisals.
  • Appraisals of copies of brands.
  • Expert reports of similitude of slogans, logos…
  • Textile brand authentication certificate.
  • Reports and contrasts regarding patents and brands.
  • Studio and analysis of plagiarisms, imitations, copies, counterfeiting.
  • Appraisals and assessments.
  • Expert reports.
  • Investigation of a product´s legitimacy.
  • Plagiarism certification reports.
  • Comparative reports of articles to patten.

In Spain, there are several kinds of Industrial Property rights:

  • Industrial designs: protect the external appearance of the products
  • Brands and Commercial Names (Distinctive Signs): protect graphic and/or word mark combinations that help distinguish some products or services from others that are similar in the market, offered by other economic agents.
  • Patents and utility models: protect intentions consistent in products and procedures susceptible to reproduction and reiteration with industrial purposes.
  • Topographies and semi-conductors: protect the (scheme of) tracing of the distinct levels and elements that compose an integrated circuit, its tri-dimensional disposition and its interconnections, that is, what ultimately constitutes its “topography”.

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