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Thanks to our team of IT experts, we elaborate all kinds of technical and/or scientific documents:

Party/Court Expert Reports , Extra judicial Expert Opinions and Extra judicial pre-reports, and their ratification at trail if necessary.

We collaborate with well-known professionals with verifiable experience in their professional and legal field.

The experts have been previously selected and validated by our company to guarantee their professional services.

Possible objectives of our reports:

  • Cloning and analysis of hard drives.
  • Testimonial act of internet content.
  • Authentication of emails.
  • Analyze elements: any action through internet.
  • IT contract fulfillment analysis.
  • Verify and prove contracted IT implantation.
  • Unfair competition and abuse of trust.
  • Plagiarism analysis in IT programs.
  • Analysis of computer used by worker.
  • Analysis of IT tests deposited in court.
  • Analyze technical folios before courts.

We perform any report linked to this specialty.

We recommend that you fill out the contact form, an expert consultant will call you personally to provide the information you need and answer your questions without any compromise:

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