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Our main goal as a specialised business is to provide our customers with accurate documentary evidence to defend their legitimate interests by producing investigation reports that prove to be conclusive in the private environment as well as in the courtroom.

All investigations which are entrusted to us are developed exclusively by trained, professional and duly qualified staff, trained in operational performance and usage of the most advanced technical means. This section is vitally important.

Below we will expound on some applications of this service:

BUSINESS SECTOR: Infidelity by the staff – Control of Reductions in Force/ Absenteeism Unfair Competition / Duplicity Leaks of Information-Control of Commercial Network (Offices, Agents) pre-labour reports Productivity / Work-Performance- Counter espionage Industrial Sabotage – Corporate Intelligence- Internal security

PERSONAL AND FAMILY: Marital infidelities-Unpaid Pension-Child Custody / Visitation arrangements- Modification of measures- Doubtful Conduct- Child Control- Pre-marital reports- Private Crimes.

MUTUAL AND INSURANCE COMPANIES: Disappearance of materials-Civil Liability in general-Accident reconstruction-Accident simulation- Fraudulent Disabilities claims-Risk Control and recoveries- Control of sequelae.

LAU [Urban Rental Properties Law] VIOLATIONS: Housing duplicity – Sublets-Subrogation- Assignments or Transfers- Dedications to other purposes –No domicile use.

OTHER SERVICES: Cyber-investigation- Anonymous counterfeiting – Debtors with location unknown – Feigned insolvency – Fraudulent bankruptcy – Pre-court and conceptualization reports – Solvency reports – Forensic Criminalistics  – Crimes against Intellectual property and industrial technical investigations.

We recommend that you fill out the contact form, an expert consultant will call you personally to provide the information you need and answer your questions without any compromise:

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