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In the following, we will list the medical specialities to which we can respond before a prior documentation study request, elaboration of a  legal expert’s report, second opinions, etc.

These specialities can vary according to their name in each country, or be grouped under a generic name.

  • Clinical specialities
  • Surgical specialities
  • Medical-surgical specialities
  • Laboratory or diagnostic specialities

Clinical specialities

 Medical specialities correspond with the traditional figure of “physician”: they personally assist the patient with prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic activities, generally without using surgical techniques.

Allergy treatmentFamily and Community  Medicine
AnaesthesiologyIntensive Care
Digestive System or GastroenterologyInternal Medicine
CardiologyLegal and Forensic Medicine
EndocrinologyPreventive Medicine and Public Health
Hematology and HaematologyPneumology
Medical HydrologyNeurology
Infectious DiseasesNutrition
Aerospace MedicineMedical Oncology
Sports MedicineRadiotherapy Oncology
Occupational MedicinePediatrics
Emergency MedicinePsychiatry


  • Surgical specialities

Surgical specialities correspond with the figure of physician, and use invasive methods to treat, modify or physically remove the pathological structure. They are divided by systems.

Heart surgeryPaediatrics Surgery
General and Digestive System SurgeryPlastic, Aesthetic and Repair Surgery
Oral and Maxillofacial surgeryThoracic Surgery
Orthopaedic and Trauma SurgeryNeurosurgery


  • Medical-surgical specialities

They are they which usually use both invasive (surgical) and non-invasive techniques (pharmacological, etc.).

Angiology and Vascular SurgeryObstetrics
Medical DermatologyOphthalmology


  • Laboratory or diagnostic specialities

As support for the rest of the physicians, they do diagnostics and suggest treatments to the clinicians, so their relationship with patients is limited.

Clinical AnalysesImmunology
Pathological AnatomyNuclear Medicine
Clinical BiochemistryMicrobiology and Parasitology
Clinical PharmacologyClinical Neurophysiology
Medical GeneticsRadio diagnostics or Radiology

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