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In the event of disagreements with your insurance company regarding compensation amounts, whether they provide coverage for a loss or not, we offer expert advice to the client to prepare a counter-expertise that will be provided to your insurer to contrast with the expert who conducted the initial visit.

We create all kinds of technical and / or scientific documents: Party/Judicial Expert Reports, Extra Judicial Expert Opinions and Extrajudicial Pre-reports, and their ratification at trial in the event that it were necessary.

The Insuree is not obliged to accept the damage assessment and / compensation offer that the insurance company makes through an expert or professional sent to the incident. Counter-expertise. Keep in mind that the Insurance Company has specific instructions for their professionals, experts, repairers, concerning how they have to assess, criteria, etc.

Always request a second opinion if you don’t agree with the proposed compensation or if they deny coverage for some reason.

We recommend that you fill out the contact form, an expert consultant will call you personally to provide the information you need and answer your questions without any compromise:

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