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Legal Experts GP-GRUP, is a legal expert cabinet specialized in the realization, management and processing of legal surveys. We have experts of recognized prestige, specialized in all disciplines.

We realize all the types of expert reports and opinion: medical surveys, industrial surveys, engineering surveys, calligraphic surveys, chemical surveys, and many others. Contact us.

Legal experts GP-GRUP is made up of experts with long professional record enrolled in the lists of the Courts as legal experts: medical experts, psychologists experts, psychiatrists experts, chemical experts, industrial experts, architects experts, engineers experts, calligraphers experts, agronomists experts, insurance experts, social experts and others.

Professionalism  right down to the smallest details

Our expert activity started in Barcelona in 1996 and since then we have consolidated our leadership position, working with the clear idea to unify criteria developing the expert activity by top level Legal surveys.


15Jul 15


A) If the informed consent documents meet the legal requirements:…


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