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We create all kinds of technical and / or scientific documents: Party/Judicial Expert Reports, Extra Judicial Expert Opinions and Extrajudicial Pre-reports, and their ratification at trial in the event that it were necessary. Preparation of social expert reports, judicial and extra judicial or private.

We will issue expert reports in the following procedures:

  • Annulment of marriage, divorce, care, custody and guardianship of minors, visitation arrangements, foods protested by one parent over another…
  • Adoption and foster families.
  • Protection of minors.
  • Social factors that must be taken into account for the effectiveness of special preventive-measures concerning reintegration of children.
  • Disabilities of adults, abortions, victims and injured from sexual assault, abuse and mistreatment.
  • Reports on the social factors that concur in the victims and aggravate the situation they are left in after suffering the crime, (aggravating circumstances).
  • Reports on the social factors that have influenced criminal responsibility, and therefore can be taken into account in determining the penalty, (exempting or extenuating) as well as the possible establishment of alternative measures best suited to the socio-family circumstances of the accused.
  • Request of the 3rd grade penitentiary in view of the circumstances that surround the social environment and that facilitate social integration.
  • Petition for pardon.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Occupational accidents.
  • Medical Negligence. In these procedures, once the social needs have been shown to exist, the social assessment will be the means best suited to show grounds for indemnification and/or economic compensation for social factors.
  • Mobbing.

Any other procedure in which one can see affected in the victim and in his upset, the personal, family, economic, work and / or professional, housing and habitat conditions, and the victim’s relational upset, that shape the victim’s social life.

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