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If you need any type of real estate appraisal, do not hesitate to contact our company for us to present a proposal of fees without obligation.

Our professionals are expert appraisers who work and / or have collaborated with major banks, firms, law firms, private clients etc. during the last ten years, performing appraisals of all types of properties and types: buildings, flats, houses, businesses, offices, promotions, industrial premises, rural properties, solar installations, economic activity, etc.

We use the latest procedures, perform the due diligence and apply proper valuation methods for each of the sectors of real estate market.


Some objectives:

  • Valuation for inheritances.
  • For valuation of a firm’s assets.
  • Balance sheets of firms.
  • Value checking.
  • Information of valuations prior to purchase.
  • Validation of securities.
  • Valuation for separations and divorces.
  • Real estate distribution.
  • Guarantees for Treasury.
  • Guarantees for Social Security.
  • Allocation of VAT
  • Allocation of Social Security.

We recommend that you fill out the contact form, an expert consultant will call you personally to provide the information you need and answer your questions without any compromise:

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