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Unfortunately, more and more andmore we find on television news that tell us about an unfortunate accident: the running over of cyclists.  In addition, it is not only a media issue, the data of the DGT confirm that the running over of cyclists has increased in recent years. This increase is produced by the fact that more and more people are opting for this means of transport and for sports activities.

The accident with running over cyclists  is especially unfortunate due to the fact that in these outrages there is an individual (  the cyclist) who has a high probability of suffering injuries or significant damages, in the worst case, even death by collision.  In these situations, the family has every right to request the compensation that corresponds to them and it is by procedures like these, that the presence of an expert specialized in accidents with run over cyclists is key.

The accident with running over cyclists

Itis possible that, in some cases, this type of accident and the severity of them, can happen due to  some type  of negligence on the   part of the cyclist himself. However, there are many more factors that do not imply that the cyclist has done anything wrong and that can harm him. So the three main reasons why this type of outrage occurs are the following:

Overtaking without the safety distance

This is the most common, often cars do not respect this distance. Without complying with the safety distance, it is easy for any unforeseen event to end in running over the cyclist.

Abuses on bike lanes

Although it seems the most difficult of all, the lack of culture associated with bike lanes, ends up causing a significant number of abuses in this type of lanes.

Close the step on the right turn

In this situation, the vehicle closes the cyclist’s path when turning right, something that ends up causing this type of accident.

The importance of expert opinion in accidents with a collision with cyclists

In all the cases mentioned above, the corresponding reconstruction of the accident must be made. It is necessary to look for testimonies of both the affected person and  the cause of the outrage.

This report compiles all the information, including the extent of the injuries and sequelae derived from this traffic accident.  Thisreport and the testimony of the expert  is crucial in the event that a trial is necessary.

If you need an expert report in an accident with a hit cyclist, Gp Grup, can help you.

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