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If you do not agree with a will, you can contest a will in whole or in part. In these cases, the preparation of a Psychological expert report that evaluates the testamentary capacity of the person who prepares the will  is key.

What does  the psychological expert report take into account?

This expert report is assessing the testamentary capacity of the person making the will. There are some very clear cases that are already controlled in the legal system. It would be, for example, the case of children under 14 years of age. There are other cases such as people who are unable to test or who are not in their “Full Judgment”.

In these last two situations it is important for a psychological expert to determine whether or not these two requirements are met through the expert report.

What  the psychological expert is assessing is whether or not there are some of the following situations:

  • If there is a cognitive impairment that alters the ability to make decisions.
  • If there is a cognitive deficit
  • If there is senile dementia.
  • If there are alterations or distortions that invalidate the person to make the will.
  • In cases of Alzheimer’s in which the grantor is already  in a very advanced situation of the disease and can no longer perform this action.

The importance of the professional psychological expert report.

Often, resorting to contesting a will is not a pleasant procedure. That is why working with professional people is of vital importance so that the whole process is as bearable as possible.

If you have doubts or need the preparation of a psychological expert report to challenge a will, do not hesitate to contact GP – Grup, we will be happy to assist you.

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