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Many people do not really know the functions of the construction surveyor. For this reason and for our experience in the sector, in this article we will detail them in order to be able to make use of their services when appropriate.

What are the differences between architects and construction experts?

So that there are no mistakes between both professions, we will specify that architects or surveyors are usually responsible for the steps taken in the construction of buildings. However, construction experts help in legal matters related to such works. Among them we find, for example, those that have to do with delays, defects or damage in constructions, security, cost estimates and controls, regulatory applications or even inspections of facilities.

In fact, in the face of lawsuits and claims, experts are essential to analyze where the judgment is and manage it properly.

What functions does a construction surveyor then have?

The experts have enough knowledge to investigate complete facts in construction. To do this, in addition to analyzing the case in question, we review the damages and negligence committed, both in the design and in the execution. In this way, we have all the necessary data to be able to contrast it with its legal facet, that is, to work from both perspectives.

Therefore, our main task as professional experts is to investigate, diagnose, assess the disadvantages of construction and apply optimal technology to reach an objective and satisfactory solution.

We have sufficient authority to resolve conflicts, without the need to go to court, that are related to the construction of a property or a work and direct arbitration as a professional. However, we are also trained to resolve conflicts by judicial means and testify when necessary, so that our expert strength has enough weight to win the trial.

On the other hand, we can intervene to advise on whether a claim has a positive solution, always from a technical perspective. In fact, many lawyers come to us to illustrate them and they can defend them properly in court. Likewise, we have the appropriate knowledge to give our opinion on a specific fact related to the architectural or urban sector, as well as constructive.

Also advise on issues related to the conservation or maintenance of residential, industrial or commercial properties.

In conclusion, the construction expert is  a very important figure because, in addition to having knowledge in the architectural area, he has extensive experience in the judicial field and his testimony is relevant before a judge. There are many problems that can occur in construction, such as accidents or technical errors, so having experts in the sector will always be the best guarantee. Our company provides maximum professionalism. Let’s talk?

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  2. It’s good to know that a construction surveyor helps you avoid going to court by helping solve a project’s conflict. We’re interested in building a lot with an unfished property and maybe using it to build a new house, but we think that it’d be wise to get it inspected before signing any deal. That’s why we’re grateful for your tips on working with construction surveyors.

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