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Among other things, our Forensic Cabinet is distinguished for having expert Forensic Consultants specializing in the management, processing and preparation of forensic reports of more than 50 specialties throughout Spain.

While the majority of our clients are lawyers, companies and private clients, who need to hire legal experts who are appropriate for each case, in many cases there are no experts available in certain specialty fields, whereof reports require the collaboration of two, three or more experts, who must coordinate throughout the process in order to prepare the final document.


Each client will be assigned the most appropriate Forensic Consultant who will be at the client’s disposal for any kind of pre-consultation, selection of the most adequate legal expert, defining forensic points, document management, monitoring deadlines, and controlling different modifications or clarifications as requested by the client to ensure the full possible satisfaction.

To achieve this, it is important to provide support to the lawyer, ensure the quality of the expert report, and offer a service / outstanding customer service that only few experts are able to offer.

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