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It is common practice for us to be required to perform an assessment of the machinery belonging to different types of companies to provide “guarantees” toward government agencies. For example, we will discuss a case in order to provide a glimpse of the scope of such expert reports.

This expert report aims to issue a replacement value of a series of equipments owned by the company “X”:

-Tronzadora FAT-280

-Tronzadora FAT-350 Neumática

-Tronzadora FAT-350 Hidráulica

-Tronzadora FAT-500 SA DI

-Plegadora CASANOVAS 100 tn XC-6 4100 mm

-Plegadora CASANOVAS 600 tn xc-28 4100 mm


-Cizalla Circular con Corte Longitudinal APLITEC

-Roscadora REMUS UNIMAT 75

-Sierra de Cinta SAMUR S-1000

-Punzonadora GEKA

-Punzonadora múltiple Para chapa G.O.

-Punzonadora múltiple para chapa M.O.

-Curvadora de chapa CASANOVA C-21

-Maquina de soldar SUNARC PROMIG 500 RT

-Curvadora a rodillos FACCIN HHCI 3050

-Maquina de soldar por hilo LINCOLN KD

-Maquina de soldar por arco sumergido LINCOLN LT-7

-Dobladora de Barillas y pasamanos ALBA

-Chaflanadora CEVISA CHP-21

-Posicionadora de Soldadura Circular

-Soldadora de conectores BTV

The following points are required:


During the established visit, we have adhered to the following criteria and procedure:

– The type of inspection has been visual.

– The completion of photographic reports. Data collection.

– The study of the provided documentation.

– The study of reports / estimates issued by different specialized companies.

Subsequently, it is necessary to conduct a detailed account of each equipment, its description, maintenance records, proof of purchase, antiquity, etc.

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