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In light of the developed expert activities, the undersigned expert issues the following conclusions:

– the commercial property located in “x” “x” has been burglerised through a hole (Butron) dug up in the dividing wall between the two adjacent rooms on the ground floor.

The said hole has marks and signs that have resulted from drilling and crushing blows, and there seems to be no signs of use of cutting tools and radial saws or similar tools.

– The drilling works produced enough vibration to cause a blow up without any problem, as if a seismic sensor was installed for this purpose.

– We estimate that there was a failure, lack of maintenance and / or improper installation of the detection elements installed in the Jewelry Store because they did not detect the intrusion. Logically, it is estimated that the system was armed during the robbery.

– The Seismic sensor installed in the area affected by the butron should have triggered the alarm upon detecting a vibration wall, since that that is what they are intended to do.

– The causes that are deemed probable in relation to the failure are the improper installation, the lack of maintenance and / or antiquity of the item.

– In light of the movements made by the thieves to steal all the merchandise, the motion detection sensor failed to do its job.


Statements, date and signature.

Given the existing circumstances, expectations and consequences that resulted from the present opinion, that we make subject to any better founded case, undertaking to tell the truth, having acted as objectively as possible, and taken into consideration both what may favor as well as what may cause damage to any of the parties, being aware of the criminal penalties which we may incur if we violate our duty as an expert, we hereby signed this document to the best of our knowledge and belief.

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